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IssuesBaden-Baden/Karlsruhe/Pforzheim, Berlin/Potsdam, Lake Constance (irregularly), Bremen/Weser-Ems, Duesseldorf/Rhine-Ruhr, Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne/Bonn, Metropolitan Region Leipzig, Metropolitan Region Munich, Metropolitan Region Nuremberg, Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar, SaarLorLux, Stuttgart

feine adressen – finest appears nationally and regionally, bilingually in German/English (SaarLorLux, billingually German/French)

DiscountsSupplements, appendages and inserts are not discountable.
Equation Scale4 × 20% (only national)
Agency Commission15% (also foreign countries)
Contents"The fine art of living" (presentations of fine shops, banks, car dealerships, hotels, restaurants, service enterprises, insurances, pharmaceutical businesses and article-brands from the areas of art/culture, travel, cars, principials/investments, business, sports, jewellery, technology, fashion/beauty, medicine, interiors, hobbies, gourmet, etc. ...)
Target GroupsEnterprises and persons with purchase-power class I + II, managers, exec. boards, control boards, selected doctors and dentists, investment consultants, professors, engineers, politicians, VIP's, oppinion makers from the society, leading persons from the economy, solicitors and notaries, brokers, tax- and economic consultants, scientists, actors, artists, top-class sports people
(subject to change)
  1. Approx. 15% of the constant direct sale circulations to selected addresses of the purchasing power group I and targeted domestic budgetary management
  2. Manual – controlled by the publisher – distribution to fine shops, service enterprises, selected doctors practices and exclusive sport centres (i.e. golf courses, etc.), hairdressers, cosmetic institutes, first-class-restaurants, exclusive boutiques, businesses
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Dispatch to policymakers, reader circles
  5. Distribution through luxury hotels (rooms- and/or doormen editions)
Terms of PaymentPayment within 14 days after invoice date, strictly net. For prepayments, which if received by the publisher by the first day of sale, 2% cash discount + 3% advance pre-payment-rebate, if no older bills are outstanding.
In each case, the valid VAT will be additionally computed.
Terms of BusinessThe terms of business of the Federation of Newspaper- and Magazine Publishers and those of the publisher apply to the completion of all orders.