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The Spanish ‚hot spots’ Marbella and Majorca count among the world’s most beautiful regions: heavenly beaches, a rich culture as well an infinite number of possibilities in spending your desired time with the most beautiful ideas of idleness. The Ewald Schwarzer Publishers have issued a self-contained luxury guide for Majorca and Marbella, in paperback-form, in order to provide demanding tourists and residents with the most important on site information. In finest addresses Majorca und finest addresses Marbella, readers will find a well-balanced mixture of enigmatic information and practical suggestions. As a shopping- and consumer guide of the most modern art for the elevated reader segment, each edition offers an extensive number of topics from the areas fashion, leisure time, sports, health, beauty, culture, lifestyle and real estate of regional-and international interest. The high standard is completely directed towards our exclusive readers, a class which can afford to enjoy the extraordinary and unusual, beauty and exclusiveness.

finest addresses appears every two months, tri-lingually (German/English/Spanish) and is specifically distributed for exposure to include such addresses as luxury hotels, resorts & spas, yacht-and golf clubs, prestigious restaurants, designer-boutiques, beauty farms and fitness-salons, medical practices and business clubs, so that it may find its way through all those hands for whom the best is good enough.....